"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

—Benjamin Franklin

Who we are

A Vision of Health's mission is to make health your habit! We are focused on preventing Type II (T2) Diabetes following CDC guidelines, using education, support, and behavioral modification as our tools. Our non-profit organization's goal is to ensure long-term success for our participants.

Now more than ever, people need substantive information on nutrition that is backed by the latest scientific research. By end of 2020 approximately 157 million people in the U.S. suffer from underlying health conditions which, in the main, can be linked to poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits. The great news is, modifications in your daily behavior can make a significant positive impact on your overall health—and make you feel exponentially better physically, mentally, and emotionally!

AVOH's program provides the tools you'll need for quality of life now and into the future. Our passion is to guide you and your loved ones on the path towards a healthier lifestyle.

The Solution


Our goal for participants

Is to lose 5-7% of their original weight and keep it off.


Our coaches will give you

All the guidance you'll need to achieve your personal health goals so that you can become healthier, have increased energy and strength, and generally feel good!


Shame and judgment are not invited

To our support classes. Instead, we embrace honesty and the positive feelings generated from the simple act of committing. You will feel uplifted, motivated, and inspired by our conversation and approach.

To Qualify for the AVOH Program

You must show one of the following

BMI (Body Mass Index) has to be over 25% (for those of Asian descent, above 22%)

Fasting Plasma Glucose (FPG) test in the Prediabetic range (100mg/dl to 125mg/dl).
This test measures the level of impaired fasting glucose (IFG): aperson's blood glucose
level is measured in the morning after an 8-hour fast.

Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) test in the Prediabetic range (140-199mg/dl).
This test measures for impaired glucose tolerance (IGT).
A person's glucose is measured after an 8-hour fast and again 2 hours after drinking
a glucose-rich solution.

Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1c) test in the Prediabetic range (HbA1c 5.7%-6.4%).
This test measures a person's average blood glucose over 8-12 weeks before the
test is administered. Fasting is not necessary.

USA Health BMI Parameters

Underweight <18.5

Normal 18.2–24.9

Overweight 28.0–29.0

Obesity Class I 30.0–34.9

Obesity Class II 35.0–39.9

Obesity Class III >40

Insurance Eligibility

If your insurance company is not listed, you may still receive a partial benefit. Check with your insurance provider. 

If you are not eligible: 

The program cost is $550. If you reach your goals at year-end, AVOH will reimburse you $75 for your achievement!

Payment Options

$34.37 per week 
$68.75 every 2 weeks
$137.50 per month
$ 495 fully pre-paid (savings of $55) 

Payment method: PayPal

Internship Program

AVOH has partnerships with California State University, Northridge Department of Public Health, California State University, Los Angeles Department of Public Health. Our internship program for undergraduate students is one semester, and students complete between 135 – 180 hours, and the internship program for graduate students in two semesters, and students complete approximately 400 hours. A Vision of Health provides interns with training and hands-on experience in the field of public health. Interns assist with program planning, implementation, grant writing, patient follow up, special event planning, and implementation.

Resumes can be sent to Tibor@avisionofhealth.com

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