Mission We are dedicated to providing the highest quality breast cancer screening, with an emphasis on prevention through nutrition and exercise. Our vision is to utilize a mobile coach to provide all women of Southern California a comprehensive prevention program and screening services, under the Every Woman Counts program, allowing all patients to participate free of charge. The Coach A Vision of Health will feature a modern step-abroad coach, which will provide women with: Mammography screenings with full field digital x-ray equipment A Clinical Breast Exam A demonstration of a Breast Self-Exam An invitation to enroll in a complimentary Breast Cancer Prevention Program Patient Navigation: We will ensure that women who need diagnostic follow-ups receive them in a timely manner regardless of location.   The Program On-site health care specialists will be available to enroll women into our comprehensive 12 week Breast Cancer Prevention Program. Nutrition Component Patients will receive: BMI Testing Recommendations for daily caloric intake Nutritional information and food shopping guidelines Menu planning Food journals to document all food and drink intake Exercise Component Patients will receive: A recommended schedule of exercise, customized according to the patient’s needs A pedometer to encourage exercise activity Walking programs led by team leaders Weekly Follow-Up Coaching sessions and support groups conducted live, via telephone, or online  Progress evaluation and adjustments Research Component A Vision of Health is conducting ongoing breast cancer prevention research with the Department of Health Sciences, Program of Public Health Education, at California State University, Northridge (CSUN).We have recently completed a 6 week Breast Cancer Prevention Program pilot in collaboration with CSUN. The study consisted of 2 groups of 15 women, control and experiment. The women met twice a week for 6 weeks, for nutrition, exercise and breast health education classes. The results showed an increase in knowledge.
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